Horse with colic

Physical Examination

  • General appearance: Quiet and alert

  • Vital signs:
  • Temperature: 38.8°C (101.8°F)
  • Pulse: 48 beats/min
  • Respirations: 54/minute
  • Weight: 242 kg (535 lb)

  • Skin: Long, dull haircoat

  • HEENT: Mucous membranes tacky

  • Pulmonary: No abnormalities

  • Cardiovascular: Capillary refill time >2 s; no arrhythmias or pulse deficits

  • Gastrointestinal: Decreased borborygmi on left, normal on right with gas sounds. A dorsal perirectal mass is noted on digital palpation. Fecal balls are disc-shaped.

  • Genitourinary: Urination not observed

  • Musculoskeletal: No abnormalities

  • Neurologic: No abnormalities

  • Mental status: Quiet but responsive