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Clinical Guide for Acute Blindness in Cats

Clinical Guide for Acute Blindness in Cats


Clinical Signs

Affected Visual Pathway


Retinal detachment

Acute blindness, hemorrhage

Neurosensory retina

Systemic hypertension, intraocular

Intracranial diseases

Normal eyes, acute blindness ± PLRa

Optic chiasm

Pituitary masses, ± paranasal masses, meningiomas, lymphosarcoma

Central blindness

Acute blindness, normal PLR

Optic tracts, occipital cortex

Cardiac arrest during anesthesia, seizures, severe head trauma

Slow vision loss

Progressive loss of vision/PLR

Retrobulbar visual tracts

Hydrocephalus, CNS neoplasia

aPupillary light-induced reflexes.