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Ochratoxicosis in Poultry


Frederic J. Hoerr

, DVM, PhD, Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology, LLC

Last full review/revision Sep 2019 | Content last modified Oct 2019

Ochratoxins are quite toxic to poultry, as nephrotoxins produced chiefly by Penicillium viridicatum and Aspergillus ochraceus in grains and feed. Ochratoxicosis primarily causes renal disease but also affects the liver, immune system, and bone marrow.

Ochratoxicosis causes:

  • decreased weight gain and poor feed conversion

  • reduced spontaneous activity, hypothermia and huddling

  • diarrhea, rapid weight loss, and death

  • decreases in carcass yield, egg production, fertility and hatchability

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