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Overview of Management of Reproduction: Sheep


Paula I. Menzies

, DVM, MPVM, DECS-RHM, Ruminant Health Management Group, Department of Population Medicine, Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

Last full review/revision Jun 2015 | Content last modified Jun 2015

When establishing a flock health management program for reproduction, it is important to remember these points: 1) Sheep are short-day polyestrous breeders, ie, estrus occurs in response to shortening day length. 2) The ovulatory season tends to be in the autumn and early winter months; the anovulatory season in the late winter, spring, and early summer months; and the transition season in the late summer months. 3) There is tremendous breed-to-breed variation in prolificacy and length of the ovulatory season.

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