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Site Predilection of Cattle Lice

Site Predilection of Cattle Lice

Site Predilection

Chewing Lice

Damalinia bovis

(cattle biting louse, red louse)

Most commonly found on dorsum

Infestation may extend cranially to head and caudally to tailhead

Bloodsucking Lice

Linognathus vituli

(long-nosed cattle louse)

Most commonly found over withers, lateral shoulders, and dewlap

May have generalized distribution over animal

In early infestations, may be found in clusters

In heavy infestations, may be found over most of body

Haematopinus eurysternus

(short-nosed cattle louse)

Often found on front half of host from ears to dewlap

Infestations tend to be heavier in anterior portions of the body, including the ears, during warm weather

Solenopotes capillatus

(little blue cattle louse)

Found in distinct clusters, mainly on head and face

Heavy infestations may extend to dewlap or surround eyes

Haematopinus quadripertuses (cattle tail louse)

Adults often confined to the tail, eggs commonly noted on tail switch