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Thin Sole in Cattle


Paul R. Greenough

, FRCVS, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Last review/revision Sep 2015 | Modified Oct 2022
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As the term "thin sole" implies, the anterior region of the sole has worn very thin due to excessive weight bearing on that region. An innovative method to treat "thin sole" begins by drilling a 10-mm hole through the center of a wooden block. The claw to be treated is thoroughly dried. Next, a fast-setting adhesive is applied along the border of the axial and abaxial wall. The objective is to create a ridge on the wall that does not involve either the white line or sole. This layer is allowed to dry and harden before a second application of fast-acting adhesive is made. The block is set in place and held by a self-adhesive bandage until the fixative has fully set. Sufficient soft setting material is then injected through the hole in the block to entirely fill the space and exert very gentle pressure on the dermis.

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