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Veterinary Colleges Quickly Shift to Online Learning

21/04/20 By
MSD Veterinary Manual

With universities across the US and the world cancelling in-person classes because of the coronavirus pandemic, veterinary colleges have been quickly adapting to online education. With many veterinary teaching hospitals limiting admissions, those teaching clinical rotations have had to make some of the largest adaptations. In some cases schools have limited those present in person to employees, residents, and interns. The AVMA Council on Education, though, has reminded schools that students need 1 year of hands-on clinical training and must achieve clinical competency in nine areas. For students in preclinical years, shifting instruction to virtual approaches has been easier.

Read more about the shift of veterinary education to online approaches from the AVMA.

Additional resources for online interactive learning, such as clinical case studies and quizzes can be found in the MSD Veterinary Manual.


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