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Patricia L. Sertich, VMD, DACT

Specialties and Expertise

  • Equine reproduction; High-risk pregnancy in mares; Mare infertility



  • MS: University of Wyoming
  • VMD: University of Pennsylvania

Board Certifications

  • Diplomate, American College of Theriogenologists (ACT)

Select Awards, Achievements, and Publications

  • David E. Bartlett Lifetime Achievement Award in Theriogenology, 2022
  • Lyman C, Sertich PL. 13.6 Oviduct (uterine tube) obstruction. In: Orsini JA, Grenager N, de Lahunta A, eds. Comparative Veterinary Anatomy: A Clinical Approach. Elsevier; 2022:808-815.
  • Brunsden SE, Fecteau ME, Sertich PL. Theriogenology question of the month—vaginal rupture and uterine prolapse in a late gestation doe. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2020;256(9):991-993.
  • Whitesell, KJ, Sertich, PL, McDonnell, SM. Endometrial histology in a semi-feral pony herd of known high lifetime reproductive efficiency. J Equine Vet Sci. 2019;74:65-67.
  • Agnew ME, Slack J, Stefanovski D, Linton JK, Sertich PL. Sonographic appearance of the late gestation equine fetal intestine. Theriogenology. 2019;138:121-126.