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Controlling Salmonellosis

Controlling Salmonellosis

Owners can take several steps to control salmonellosis:

  • Buy horses only from sources that are free of the disease.

  • Isolate new horses when they arrive.

  • Have a veterinarian check all new horses when they arrive to determine if they appear healthy.

  • Protect feed and water supplies from fecal contamination.

  • Be sure housing areas are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses.

    Minimize stress .

If you have an ill or known infected horse:

  • Isolate the ill horse.

  • Have your horse examined and tested by your veterinarian to determine the cause of illness.

  • Start hygiene and cleaning routines for personnel working with infected horses.

  • Remove all feces promptly and dispose of them away from horse housing or grazing areas.

  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize all contaminated living areas.

    Minimize stress for all horses on the property.

  • Follow your veterinarian’s instructions for medication and care.