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Examples of Activities for Routine Monitoring a

Examples of Activities for Routine Monitoring a

Cow Monitoring

Environment Monitoring

Records Monitoring

Body condition

Stalls and bedding

Milk production

Rumen fill

Barn climate

Milk quality features

Feces consistency

Milking method

Roughage analysis

Undigested fraction in feces

Milking parlor condition

Drinking water quality

Teat end callosity

Pasture management

Sire evaluations

Lesions of udder/teat/skin

Grass harvesting (silage)

Soil analysis

Clinical disease cases

Maize harvesting (silage)

Artificial insemination records

Reproductive examinations

Floor design and maintenance

Disease and drug records


Ration formulation

Farm economics report

Locomotion and claw score

Feeding management

Slaughter findings

Youngstock growth

Hygiene practices

Laboratory findings

a From Noordhuizen JP, Dairy herd health and production management practice in Europe: State of the art. Proc 23rd World Buiatrics Congress, Quebec, Canada, 2004.