Information Required on a Veterinary Feed Directive

Contact Information

Drug Information

Animal Information

Legal Information

  • Veterinarian's name, address, and telephone number

  • Client's name, address (home or business), and telephone number

  • Date of VFD issuance

  • Premises where the animals specified in the VFD are located

  • Name of the VFD drug(s)

  • Concentration of VFD drug(s) in the feed, and duration of use

  • Number of refills authorized, if permitted by the drug approval

  • Withdrawal time, special instructions, or cautionary remarks

  • Species and product class of animals

  • Approximate number of animals to be treated by the VFD before the expiration date on the VFD

  • Indication for which the VFD is issued

  • Statement: "Use of feed containing this veterinary feed directive (VFD) drug in a manner other than as directed on the labeling (extra-label use), is not permitted."

  • An affirmation of intent for combination VFD drugs as described in 21 CFR 558.6(b)(6)

  • Expiration date of VFD (up to 6 months or as specified on drug label)

  • Veterinarian's electronic or written signature

These requirements are current as of the time of publication. For up-to-date VFD requirements, see the FDA VFD web page.