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Physiologic Data for African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Physiologic Data for African Pygmy Hedgehogs

Average body weight

Male: 400–600 g; Female: 300–400g

Life span

Average 4–6 years, may live to 8 years

Body temperature

95.7°–98.6°F (35.4°–37.0°C)

Adult dental formula

2 (I 3/2:C 1/1:P 3/2:M 3/3) = 36 (variations have been noted)

Gastrointestinal transit time

12–16 hours

Heart rate

180–280 bpm

Respiratory rate

25–50 bpm

Age at sexual maturity

2–3 months

Reproductive life span

Male: throughout life

Female: 2–3 years


34–37 days

Litter size

3–4 (range 1–9)

Birth weight

10–18 g

Eyes open

14–18 days

Deciduous teeth eruption

Begins on day 18; all deciduous teeth erupted by 9 weeks

Permanent teeth eruption

Begins at 7–9 weeks

Age at weaning

5–6 weeks (start eating solids at 3 weeks)