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Predilection Sites of Sheep and Goat Lice

Predilection Sites of Sheep and Goat Lice



Predilection Sites

Chewing Lice

Bovicola (Damalinia) ovis

(sheep biting louse)


Most commonly found on dorsum.

Infestation may extend cranially to head and caudally to tailhead.

Bovicola (Damalinia) caprae

(goat biting or chewing louse)


Commonly found on neck and shoulders.

Can spread to withers, flank, and rump.

Bovicola (Holokartikos) crassipes

(Angora biting louse)


No specific predilection site.

Damalinia limbata

(body louse)


Dependent on time of year.

Found on ventral surface and on neck, shoulder, and flank.

Bloodsucking Lice

Linognathus pedalis (sheep foot louse)

Sheep and goats

Confined to hairy parts of foot, except in very heavy infestations.

Linognathus ovillus

(sheep face and body louse)


Usually found on hairy parts of skin.

As infestation worsens, lice spread to other parts of body.

Lignognathus africanus

(African blue louse)

Sheep and goats

In sheep: often found on the loin, back, rib, and shoulder areas.

In goats: found on upper neck and head (base of ears, poll, and ventral surface of jaw).

Forms clusters.

Slippage of wool is common.

Lignognathus stenopsis

(goat sucking louse)


Dispersed over the body.