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Signs of Cryptococcosis in Cats

Signs of Cryptococcosis in Cats

Nasal cavity infections (most common)

  • Sneezing

  • Longterm nasal discharge consisting of clear fluid, blood, mucus, and/or pus

  • Firm swelling under the skin and over the bridge of the nose

  • Polyp-like mass(es) in the nostril

Skin lesions (common)

  • Raised bumps or nodules that may be firm or soft

  • Larger lesions that tend to ulcerate, leaving a raw surface

Neurologic signs

  • Depression

  • Changes in temperament

  • Seizures

  • Circling

  • Slight paralysis

  • Blindness

Eye abnormalities

  • Dilated unresponsive pupils

  • Blindness due to retinal detachment

  • Inflammation of the tissues of the eye