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Tsetse-transmitted Trypanosomes

Tsetse-transmitted Trypanosomes

Trypanosoma spp

Animals Mainly Affected

Major Geographic Distribution

T congolense

Cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, pigs, camels, horses, most wild animals

South and eastern Africa

T vivax

Cattle, sheep, goats, camels, horses, various wild animals

Africa, Central and South America, West Indiesa

T brucei brucei

All domestic and various wild animals; most severe in dogs, horses, cats

South and eastern Africa

T brucei rhodesiense

Cattle, wild hooved stock, people

South and eastern Africa

T brucei gambiense

Cattle, sheep, goats, people

West and central Africa, including Uganda

T simiae

Domestic and wild pigs, horses, camels

South and eastern Africa

a In non-tsetse areas, transmission is by biting flies.