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Editors and the Editorial Process

Content last modified May 2022

MSD Veterinary Manual Editors


Alexandra L. Winter, BSc(Vet.Hons), BVSc(Hons)

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons


Michael A. Moses, ELS


Nicholas J. Roman, DVM, MPH 


Elisabeth Browning

Stephanie Hiebert

The Editorial Process

The Manuals' content is produced via the same process as the most respected veterinary and medical textbooks and journals. Our more than 400 independent authors, all of whom are experts in their field, prepare the content of their chapters and pass it on to one or more of our independent veterinary medical peer reviewers on the MVM Editorial Board and review staff.

The steps typically may include:


1. External author

2. External peer reviewer

3. External veterinary pharmacologist reviewer

4. External veterinary pharmacist reviewer

5. Internal veterinarian editor

6. Internal staff editor

7. Executive editor

8. Final review and queries to author

9. Editor-in-Chief