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Periapical lucency, dog
Periapical lucency, dog

    The image depicts radiographic evidence of a periapical lucency associated with a right maxillary fourth premolar tooth (A) and left maxillary canine tooth (B). (A) Note the radiolucent halo around the distal root identified by the red arrowheads. In addition, note the radiolucency associated with one of the mesial roots (yellow arrowheads). The visible loss of crown structure, identified by the yellow star, is likely contributing to the endodontic compromise of this tooth. Extraction or root canal therapy may be considered treatment options for this tooth. (B) The periapical lucency is identified by the red arrowheads. Note the wide pulp chamber of the left maxillary canine tooth compared to the maxillary first and second premolar teeth.

Courtesy of Dr. Brenda Mulherin.