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Buying Your First Rabbit

Buying Your First Rabbit

Questions to consider when buying a rabbit:

  • Do you have a suitable location for a rabbit cage (indoors) or hutch (outdoors)?

  • Who will be the main caregiver for the rabbit? A young child, an older child, or an adult?

  • Do you want a small or large rabbit? Larger rabbits are more docile and robust; these are recommended for younger children with adult supervision. Smaller rabbits are more suited for older, more responsible children and adults; these require greater care when handling.

  • Do you want a rabbit with long or short fur? Rabbits with short fur should be combed at least twice a week. Rabbits with long fur require more grooming. Combing rabbits helps prevent hairballs, which can block the intestines or cause other medical problems.

  • What other characteristics are important to you (color, ear type, sex)?

  • Do you plan to purchase more than 1 rabbit? Rabbits must be evaluated for compatibility. Keeping more rabbits also means providing a larger cage or hutch.